• What to Expect of the NED Role

    Written in consultation with the NEDonBoard Community

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    What to expect of the NED role

    What to expect of the NED role

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  • About NEDonBoard:

    NEDonBoard is the professional organisation for non-executive directors in the UK. Our mission is simple: lead the independent director profession. We serve non-executive directors by promoting the highest standards of professional excellence, ethics and professional education for board members. We provide a professional network for NEDs, jobs board, news, events and insights to enhance our member’s non-executive director life. Our mission is not only to serve non-execs, but ultimately to improve how businesses and organisations operate in the UK. We believe that every board member is an agent of progress and each organisation should find its own ways.


    If you are a non-executive director or interested to become a non-executive director, we recommend reading What to Expect of the NED Role or visiting our homepage: www.nedonboard.com


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